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You are here: HomeExhibitionsCartoon Exhibition of Nikola (IOA) Hendrickx in the ECC/2017

Cartoon Exhibition of Nikola (IOA) Hendrickx in the ECC/2017

Nikola "Ioa" Hendrickx is the 2017 house cartoonist of the

European Cartoon Center

He is one of our youngest and most successful cartoonists in Belgium

His favorite cartoonists are GAL, Angel Boligan, Andrei Popov and Silvano Mello

He has won prizes in Belgium, Poland, Romania, Syria, France, Slovakia, Italy and China. In 2013 he was awarded the Silver

Hat at the Cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist. And that year he also won the award for Best Belgian Entry in our Euro-Kartoenale 'The Byclicle'.

He had personal and group exhibitions in Eskisehir, Baja, Boechout, Tallinn, Zagreb, Lede, Gent and Aalst

You can visit his exhibition in the ECC from 24 September till 17 December 2017

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