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FECO, a union of cartoonists´ organizations, was founded in 1985 and has gradually developed to become an institution respected all over the world. – thanks to the pains its honorary teams (who are renewed every four years) have taken, but also thanks to the confidence its members place in it.

FECO is an international association that offers the following services to its members:

1) Regular information of cartoon contests and their ratings.
2) The availability of a basic set of regulations, which presents the best functioning conditions to cartoonists as well as organizers.
3) The safeguard of author´s rights and the freedom of opinion.
4) Spontaneous support of cartoonists, who have been victimized for political or professional reasons, by means of making their difficulties most widely known as quickly as possible.

The means we have:

1) The FECO Bulletin, which is sent to the members every two months via the internet.
2) The FECONEWS magazine, which is published twice a year and which the subscribers receive by post.
3) The homepage, which has been renewed and simplified so as to make access easier for everybody be they little IT geniuses or less talented contemporaries. The members of the big FECO family are, in this way, given a clear path for their ideas, for the benefit of the proliferation and defence of our art.

Our achievements are developing step by step resolutely. Let us contribute to the expansion of FECO and do so, as always, in a humorous way.

Marlene Pohle{jcomments on}
FECO President General

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