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You are here: HomeFECO*Summary of the star giving system criteria*

*Summary of the star giving system criteria*

*Summary of the star giving system criteria*

We always start with 5 ***** for organizing a cartoon contest
Then we look at their contest rules

Minus -1* star:
-no prize money, just diploma -1*
-asking for originals and not sending them back -1*
-just an internet exhibition, no printed catalogue -1*
-claiming the copyrights without paying -1*
-exclusive for women, selected countries,
cartoonists with a certain age -1*
-no official opening, nor travel expense or hotel stay for the winners -1*
-no catalogue for every selected cartoonist -1*
-paying to participate in the contest -1*

The best, to obtain maximum 5***** stars
-sending back originals (on request) or accepting signed pc prints
-sending a catalogue to all selected cartoonists
-money prize, trophies and diplomas
-exhibition & opening ceremony, travel expense and hotel stay for the winners
-respecting copyrights (use only for promoting contest/festival during a certain period), payment to use cartoons for non festival activities
-open for all cartoonists (male, female, any nationality, age or colour)

Additional criteria will be possibly regarded (renown, well-known witness, positive reports...){jcomments on}

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