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You are here: HomeFestivals17th International Comic Art Festival, "Unlimited Comics", Prilep/ Macedonia2017

17th International Comic Art Festival, "Unlimited Comics", Prilep/ Macedonia2017

17th International Comic Art Festival, "Unlimited Comics", Prilep/ Macedonia2017

The “Byzant”—Visual Art Center is organizing the 10-th Annual international Comic art exhibition to be held in Prilep , Macedonia. The topic is :”Freedom”-( Dreams, life,borders,walls, war,food,sports,people,zoo, natural…)

1. Participation is open to all artists of  comics that currently publish or have published in national or international mass media and not published.

2. Participation will consist of an entry on the topic :,,Freedom”  format can be 21 x29,7cm -A4 Gallery formate.Send original work .Each works must bear the signature or initials of the artist at the front,with name,surname,adress,telephone numberand e-mail address indicated on the back.

3. The entries should be packaged to protect the contents.The organization recommends placing the entry between two pieces of cardboard .Shipping will be paid by the participant.

On packaged sign :,,PRINT OUT OF VALUE”. The organization is not responsible for any damage caused during shipment.

4. March 12th is the deadline for resident authors in Balkans,and April 7th for participants of the other countries.

5.The entries must be sent to the following address:

,,VIZANT,,-Visual Art Center “Dimo Narednikot”;58 7500-Prilep MACEDONIA Attn:comix-expo


Contact person :Iv e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The entries selected by the Committee will be displayed in the 17th annual international exhibition of comic Arts.

6. The entries become part of the “Byzant,,-visual art center archive.The entryes may be displayed in all the premises of the ,,Vizant”-Visual Art center in itinerant exhibitions, and in publications that are periodically published.

7. The ,,Vizant”-Visual Art center has the right to reproduce and circulate the entries,whenever the authors “s name appears and the main objective is the dissemination of the exhibition  or the participation in other activities of the “Vizant”-Art center general in area of art comix,that is to say, catalogues,posters,the press,web pages,etc…without generating any obligation towards the participating authors.

8. The organization will communicate through its web page or by means of letter the name of the authors whose entry has been received as well as the names of the selected entries..

The authors will be informed of accommodation conditions if they want attend the exhibition opening or any acttivities parallel to this event. 9.Once the exhibition has closed in Prilep, all the authors whose work has been selected will receive a copy of the publication made for the exhibition.

10. The organization reserves the right to not exibit those entries considered to be an affront to individual or collective rights.

11. Awards.Invited 7 artists on international comic art collony in Macedonia traveling expenses,visa,accomodation is a to ensure from organizateur.

12. Participation in the exhibition means the complete acceptance of all the above conditions.P.S. “VIZANT”-ORGANIZATEUR IS A UNITED WHO PUBLISH CATALOGUE BOOK  MIN.160 PAGES AND AFTER EXHIBITION SEND BOOK TO ALL SELECTED ARTISTS PARTICIPAN

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