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You are here: HomeFestivalsAstra Motor International Cartoon Contest 2017, Indonesia

Astra Motor International Cartoon Contest 2017, Indonesia

Astra Motor International Cartoon Contest 2017, Indonesia
The competition can be participated by cartoonists all over the world and free of charge. We only accept your cartoon works via email. Your cartoon works must be in color, not black and white. 
Theme: Transportation; 
Subtheme: Traffic Ethics
Send Your Works to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
as fast as possible.
Size/File Format: 
Minimum Size: 1 MB: 
Maximum Size: 15 MB: 
File Format: JPG: Resolution: 200-300 dpi:
Color Mode: RGB. In other word the work must be safe and  fine to be printed on A3.
Number of cartoons: Max. number of entries per cartoonist: five cartoons. The cartoons must be the original work of the artist.
The deadline for receipt of cartoons: 31 March, 2017.
Prizes *) and Awards:
1st Prize- 15.000.000 IDR + Certificate (Pdf)
2nd Prize- 9.000.000 IDR + Certificate (Pdf)
3rd Prize- 6.000.000 IDR + Certificate (Pdf)
Five Citations @3.000.000 IDR
*) Each winner subject to income tax at 15% of Prize.
Except for the winners, each cartoon can be purchased/collected by visitors to the exhibition at a price 1,000,000 IDR per-print of work and cartoonists get the right %50 of each work sold.
The caption in English.
The prize winners are determined by Indonesia Independent Jury. The decision of the jury is final.
The jury start with the determination of the prize winners around 20  April 2017. And the winners of the competition will be announced on 25 April 2017.
Presentation of the Cartoons:
With the sending of the works for the competition the contestant accepts automatically the regulation of the competition and agrees the print of the cartoon for the exhibition and catalogues. The catalogue will be sent to participants by email in Pdf file.
Awards Ceremony:
The exhibition date and The Awards ceremony of the Astra Motor International Cartoon Contest 2017, will take place around May 2017, in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Fixed time and date will be announced later.
All copyrights are held by the author of the cartoons. The decision is final. Errors and changes excepted. Semarang, 23 December 2016
Best Regards.
Jitet Koestana (Cartoonist
Darminto M Sudarmo (Humor Observer)

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  • Guest (Ramli Ismail)



    Hi..I’m Ramli Ismail and I am interested to joint ASTRA MOTOR INTERNATIONAL CONTEST CARTOONS 2017.


    Best regards.

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