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You are here: HomeFestivalsInternational Prize For Picture Books 2018

International Prize For Picture Books 2018

The Edelvives Publishing Group, which for many years has been committed to selecting and publishing high-quality picture books, hereby announces the 7th Edelvives International Picture Book Award.

Works must fall under the heading of picture book, meaning a book in which the story is told through images and text, each complementing the other. The prize will be awarded to the best publishing project, rather than a finished work.

Deadline: December 20, 2017

The jury will award the prize based on factors such as best proposal or original idea for a project, best text, best illustrations, best proposed setting, best storyboard, and best flyleaf proposal.

The proposed picture book may be of any size as long as it is no smaller than 21x18.5 cm and no larger than 30x39 cm. The length of the project must be 32 pages (flyleaves included). The subject of the text submitted is at the author’s discretion. The length should be no more than 6,000 keystrokes or characters with spaces.

Participants may submit a maximum of two projects.

There is no entry fee.


Open to all writers and illustrators of any nationality who submit projects in Spanish, English or French. Participants must be of legal age.


The prize will be worth 9.000 Euro (approx. 10,640 USD). This prize money shall be considered part of the authors' royalties, and it will be paid when the authors deliver the finished work for printing.

This award is to be divided between the illustrator and author, with a 70/30 split. Notice of the winning project will be published in March 2018.


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