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You are here: HomeFestivals50th World Gallery of Cartoons - Skopje / Macedonia 2018

50th World Gallery of Cartoons - Skopje / Macedonia 2018

50th World Gallery of Cartoons - Skopje / Macedonia 2018

Dear friends cartoonists, It is a time to conquer the world with your cartoons again! OSTEN is inviting you to participate in the 50th WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS Skopje 2018

Download the APPLICATION FORM, fill it, submit it along with your works and you can win one of the following awards:

FIRST AWARD for Cartoon (1000$) FIRST AWARD for Satiric Drawing (1000$) FIRST AWARD for Comic / Strip (1000$) 10 SPECIAL AWARDS (Plaques) CICO AWARD (for Macedonian cartoonist)

Following our principle of creating and preserving the art on paper, only ORIGINAL

WORKS (hand drawn cartoons, satirical drawings and comics) will be considered in the

selection process. They should be sent no later than 31st March 2018 to our address:


8.Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Dead line : March 31, 2018

General Information The organizer of the competition is OSTEN Skopje, Republic of Macedonia The selector

assigned by the organizer will select the submitted works, and the international jury will appraise the short-listed works. The official announcement of the awards and the

opening of the exhibition will take place on 31st May 2018 at OSTEN Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia CATEGORIES Cartoon / Satiric drawing / Comic-Strip * * up to one panel of non-linguistic strip Theme / Technique – free Format – ?4 (21.9 x 29.7) or ?3 (29.7 x 42.0)

PARTICIPATION CRITERIA The author can submit several works, but STRICTLY ORIGINALS - hand drawn works. For a regular submission, the author shell fill out the Application Form (electronically or manually)

and send it via e-mail first, preferably together with a short author’s bio. Afterwards, she/he shell send the printed Application Form via post mail along with the works. The submitted works shall remain within the OSTEN collection. By completion of the Application Form, the applicant agrees that the organizer can use,

expose, study and publish the works for the needs of the event.

SELECTION / JUDGING PROCESS The short-listed works selected by the selector are eligible for awards that will be decided by the international jury

Selector: Erdogan BASOL, Turkey (Cartoonist) Jury members Ann TELNAES, USA (Editorial Cartoonist in the Washington Post) Ross THOMSON, UK (Cartoonist) Mostafa RAMEZANI, Iran/France (Cartoonist & Graphic Designer) Vladimir KAZANEVSKY, Ukraine (Cartoonist and Lecturer on the Theory of Cartoon Art) Mice JANKULOVSKI, Macedonia (Artist, Cartoonist and representative of OSTEN)

PRESENTATION Short-listed works are exhibited at OSTEN Gallery from 31st May to 15th June 2018 Short-listed works are represented in the Catalog and their authors will receive a copy of the catalog via post mail. The organizer will cover the accommodation expenses for the awarded cartoonists who will

announce their presence on the opening of the exhibition in Skopje up to 1st May 2018.

The works that will arrived on the address of OSTEN up to 31st March 2018 will be considered for selection

OSTEN WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS 8. Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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