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You are here: HomeFestivals18th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition/Canada 2018

18th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition/Canada 2018

Here are the rules and regulations

The deadline for receipt of cartoons is midnight GMT, Friday, April 13, 2018

 The theme for the 18th International Editorial Cartoon Competition is The high price of a free press Press freedom around the world is in danger as journalists are threatened by government censorship, organised crime and commercial pressures. Online content is being controlled by a handful of internet companies whose processes lack transparency, and most countries restrict access to a range of websites. Donald Trump’s attacks on “fake news” in the US is also sending a message to authoritarian leaders that it is acceptable to crack down on the press. 259 journalists were jailed last year and 79 were killed. There were 426 attacks against journalists and media outlets in Mexico in 2016 alone. Some 150 Turkish journalists were in prison and more than 170 media organisations have been shut down since last year’s coup,

including newspapers, websites, TV stations and news agencies, and 2,500 journalists have been laid off.

 Prizes three prizes will be given: a first prize of $1000 plus a Certificate from Canadian UNESCO, second and third prizes of $500.

All sums are in Canadian dollars. Ten additional cartoons will receive an ‘Award of Excellence,’ Regrettably no financial remuneration accompanies the Awards of Excellence.

Only one cartoon will be accepted from each cartoonist. It may be either in color or black and white and must not have won an award.

The size of the cartoon should not exceed A4; 21 by 29.2 cm; or 8.50 by 11 inches. Cartoons should be in jpeg format at 300 dpi

The name, address, telephone number and a short biography of the cartoonist must be included in the submission.

 The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom shall have the rights to use any of the cartoons entered in the Competition for promotion

of our Editorial Cartoon Competition.

The winners of the Cartoon Competition will be announced at the World Press Freedom Day Luncheon held at

the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada on Thursday May 3, 2018 as well as being advised by e-mail.

The winner’s names and their cartoons will be posted on the CCWFP web site.

 The winning cartoons will be exhibited at the luncheon.

The deadline for receipt of cartoons is midnight GMT, Friday, April 13, 2018. Send submissions by e-mail to :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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