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You are here: HomeNewsThe Jury Of The Contest Of Humor SHG ,Brazil,2016

The Jury Of The Contest Of Humor SHG ,Brazil,2016

Cartoon is an act of love. But cartoonist also needs to live. Living is priceless, but costly. Cartoonist also pays light, water, telephone, internet, supermarket, bakery, school, doctor, gasoline, clothing, cinema, theater, show, cable TV, Net flix. Cartoonist needs everything the lawyer, the doctor, the butcher, the accountant, and the popsicle seller need. But people have a habit of thinking that cartoonists do cartoon because they like it. In fact, it does because it really does. But people think they do it ONLY because they like it. And it's not like that, cartoonist is a professional like any other - although this perception is a little difficult to assimilate for those who think that work is only what is done when you meet a time in front of a desk, with a boring boss to send And a nauseous customer to attend. This text is kind of grumpy, but you're in a bad mood, are not you? It's because it's being written by a cartoonist. All of this comes from a series of unpleasant incidents that are reaching the Graphic Humor market in Brazil, currently: cartoonists being fired, cartoonists who are not fired but also do not receive their salaries on time - we already have news of up to 5 months of Delays !, cartoons losing more and more space in the newspapers, cartoonists discouraging the profession and leaving for other activities to survive. As a result, the Salons of Humor page decided to make a movement in the form of a Virtual Humor Salon, publishing the works on the page and choosing the best works, and to symbolize this moment that the Brazilian cartoonist lives, we chose the cartoonist Dálcio, who He had just been fired from his paper. Not only that his case moved us, but that he was one of the most creative, talented and celebrated Brazilian cartoonists, and yet he had been dismissed. For being young Dálcio, one of the exponents of the new generation, and sustaining his family with his drawings with talent and dignity, as well as a whole crop of Brazilian cartoonists, we think he would symbolize the present moment. Reaffirming: the idea was, through the case of Dálcio, to symbolize the dilemma of all cartoonists in Brazil, because those who did not lose their space, sleep and wake up for fear of losing! After the competition, with a good participation of cartoonists from all over Brazil, we are happy to draw attention to this fact as we know it: with good humor and constructive criticism. We are grateful to all those who understood our intent and regret that, even when working with culture, there have been people who not only did not understand, but also distorted the intention of the project. Even regretting, we know that this is how things work and that if there were unanimity, something would be wrong. Thus, our congratulations to the winners, our respect to all the participants and, speaking to the Dálcio, we want to speak to all cartoonists in Brazil: "It only hurts when I laugh!", Said the master Ziraldo! Hugs to all and see you next time!

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