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You are here: HomeNewsLetters for Tabrizcartoon great book-Damir Novak from Croatia

Letters for Tabrizcartoon great book-Damir Novak from Croatia

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 Hello to my friends in Tabriz and especially to director of Tabriz cartoon
and my friend Rahim.
I was not in Tabriz or in Iran, but when I received my award from the
 Embassy of Croatia in Iran, I can say with dare that Iran is very
beautiful country with people who really respect the
foreigners. My first contact with my colleague Rahim was in
Istanbul- 2010 Nasredin Hodja and since Rahim has published the news of cartoon world on his site.
Tabriz cartoon is one of the most important links in the chain of
world cartoon. I would like to thank Rahim as the first in
a series. From my heart I want you to continue to what
you know the best and it certainly is the cartoon.
Damir Novak


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