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Photo gallery -Groups- part-1


.Dedication awards ceremony of King Cartoon Contes

speech in the previous Istanbul Cartoon Museum

The North-west of country festival in 1996 and guests

Leading of Nasradin Hoja's guests in Taksim

Feco Iran in Kandovan

Reconstruction of the Museum before opening

World Cartoon Museum directors-with my daughter-eski city2009

The exhibition of Tabriz cartoonists in Istanbul cartoon association

.Before opening of Tabriz cartoon museum

The guests in Tabriz

With Turkish cartoonists

With Azerbaijan Republic cartoonists

With cartoonists in Mazandaran

The guests of Tabriz in Iron Age museum

The guests of Tabriz-2010

The guests of Tabriz-2010

With 30 cartoonists from 30 countries in exhibition

Visiting of the girls from museum

The cartoonists of Isfahan in Tabriz

With cartoonists of Tehran





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