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Photo gallery -Groups- part-2

In planning sitting of Tehran biennial cartoon

The 4th Tabriz festival


In deprived Dehdasht but holder of contest

As a jury member of Arak contest

My speech in Isfahan

Gatto from Italy-Elsad from Azerbaijan and other guests of Tabriz

In the alleys of Eski shahar

Metin,Turkey association director in the 9th Tabriz ceremony

Tabriz cartoon association members

Association members(women)

 birthday party has been held for me (by art students)

.In the ship of Boghaz with Kamil-Kar and Koksal

In Tbariz barzar-Feco Iran

Feco Iran in Tabriz

Winners and members of jury in the 9th festival

With some cartoonists from India-Italy-France-Germany-Korea



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