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You are here: HomePhotoPhoto gallery -friends-Part 4

Photo gallery -friends-Part 4

Miss Nurak& Koksal at their home

With Erdogan Basol

With Mogolian cartoonist in Busan

With Ibrahim in Istanbul

With Rasit Yakli in Istanbul Association

With Koroglu in Boghaz

The North-west of country festival in 1996 and guests

With Mahmut Akgun while dedicating his book

With Pavel and Vesam from Romania and Egypt

With Kim in Busan Hotel

Masood Ziaie-Amin Aghaie-me and Masood Shojaie in Kerman

With Ayknat from Bursa

With prof.Azamandian as his respresentative in Tabriz

Julyan(Rumania)-Abdi,Shojaie and me (Iran)-Koksal(Turkey)

Poets and researchers of Tabriz in my exhibition.

With Turkish cartoonists

With Aziz and Umit from Turkey

With Gural

With Basol

With Aziz

With Ergul

With Ismet

With Koroglu



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