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Photo gallery -friends-Part 5


With Igor Semirnov

With Elena and Juli from Spain

With Hajinus

In Hurriyet cartoon Exhibition

With Vesam from Egypt

With Milan-Akdag and Vesam

Bayram peeps at my work

With Dragistinov(Bulgaria)and Bayram(Azerbaijan)


With guests of 30Nasraddinhoca-2010

The cartoonists of Isfahan in Tabriz

Zevatkovsky(Russia)-Bayram(Azerbaijan)-Kazanevsky(Ukrain)in Tabriz

Latifie Iranian experienced cartoonist

In Koksal's home

With Ekrem

Bernard(France)-Sadetin(Turkey)-Raed(Syria)-Valentin(Bulgaria)I Tbariz

Raed from Syria in Tabriz

Prof.Atila Ozer in Tabriz

Kazanevsky in Tabriz

The ceremony with presence of Yakali in the museum

At Koksal's house

The guests of Tabriz

Oleg from Belarus in Tabriz

With my friends Maikel-raji in Busan

With Raed from Syria

Zlatkovsky in Tbariz













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