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You are here: HomePhotoPhoto gallery -some my trips-Part8

Photo gallery -some my trips-Part8

.In Penguin magazine

Speech in sinan Architectural faculty(Lecture at the Sinan University of Architecture)

In South Korea comics conference and my friends Michel from Canada and Raji from Indonesia

In Ispahan city

In Bukan-jury of west contest of country

While dedicating the association symbol to prof.Ozer

While dedicating the awards of Mazandaran contest

Cartoon specialty conference in Tehran

In Baku as a jury member of contest with Seyran and Soltan

Speech in our exhibition in Baku

With Masood Ziaie-Shojaie and Aghaie as  jury members

In Omavian mosque of Dameshgh

Dedication of a statuette to me in Turkey exhibition

The school of Kamar Boghaz

In Syria

With Yori in Korea





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