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You are here: HomeResultsWinners Of The" Four Seasons Caricatures. Drawings of the year 2016 "/Poland

Winners Of The" Four Seasons Caricatures. Drawings of the year 2016 "/Poland

Winners Of The Autumn Edition of " Four Seasons Caricatures. Drawings of the year 2016 "/Poland

Cartoon By:Katarzyna Kuzior

This time 61 authors did 192 jobs.
Final verdict is:
Jacek Frąckiewicz for job pt. ' OT exercises "( and reward -" Autumn 2016)
Tomasz Wind, for the work pt. Poland " Shield " Award -" (II) Autumn 2016
Maciej M. Michalski for job pt. " Baltazar " Award -" (II) Autumn 2016
Paul Stańczyk for job pt. " Sclerosis " (III prize -" fall 2016 ')
Henry onions for job pt. " exhumation potatoes " (III prize -" fall 2016 ')
Monica Jaworowska-Duchlińska for job without the title (III prize -" fall 2016 ')
Honourable mention for their work received:
Monica Janowska for job pt. ' ' a pole pole pole
- Catherine Kuzior for job pt. "Santas for takeoff";
- szczepan sadurski for job pt. Titanic ";
Anna Domaszewska for work without title;
- Gregory Myćka for job pt. "cutting";
- Zbigniew Wozniak for work without title;
- Richard pal, for a job without the title;
- Henry onion, for a job without the title;
Anna ass for job pt. "kołdrian";
- Marek Gliwa for job pt. "lemon";
- lech anchor for job pt. "C.R.S. what? Piss";
- czesław gańko for job pt. "a year of good change";
- Patrick Sroczyński for job pt. "Dark times"
- Magdalena Wosik for job pt. "there is no" me
- przemysław zamojski for job pt. " in memoriam smoleń
- Bogumil Lach for job pt. 'CBA'
And this is the complete list of finalists for the competition "Four Seasons Caricatures - Fall 2016":
Jan Surma, Tomasz, wind, grzegorz zieliński, Paul Nawrot, dariusz dąbrowski, HERMAN KOZLOWSKI, rafał laskowski, Anna Wawak, Arthur Ligenza, radosław ruciński, Jacek Frąckiewicz, Monica Jaworowska-Duchlińska, Krzysztof Suski, lech anchor, kamil jerzyk, Janusz Grysiewicz, Paul King, zbigniew piszczako Phaedra, George, Henry onion, Maciej Trzepałka, Monica Janowska, Catherine Kuzior, szczepan sadurski, Anna Domaszewska, grzegorz myćka, Zbigniew Wozniak, Richard pal, Anna Tylka, Marek Gliwa, lech anchor, Svetlana Gańko, Patrick Sroczyński , Magdalena Wosik, przemysław zamojski, bogumił lach, Paul Stańczyk, Maciej Santa Michalski, halina kuźnicka
Best entries will be presented in the year 2017 at the exhibition "four seasons caricature drawings - year 2016" in our museum.
Final outcome of the contest will take place in January, and an opening pokonkursowej winners and awards ceremony will be held at the end of March. We give details soon.
Elizabeth Laskowska
Acting Director of the museum caricatures
Them. Erik Lipiński University in Warsaw

Cartoon By:Maciej M. Michalski

Cartoons By:Henryk Cebula

Cartoon By:Zbigniew

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