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You are here: HomeResultsUncertain Results/Olive Cartoon Contest 2017

Uncertain Results/Olive Cartoon Contest 2017

Uncertain Results / Olive Cartoon Contest 2017

Please send if you see the copy or similarity of works to this email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline to send email June 18/ 2017

International Selection Committee Members:

Nidai GÜNGÖRDÜ, Cyprus

Juli Sanchis AGUADO, Espania

Musa KAYRA, Cyprus

M. Serhan GAZİOĞLU, Cyprus

Bülent Faiz ARABACIOĞLU, Turkey

Mustafa C. AZİZOĞLU, Cyprus

Derman ATİK, Cyprus

Hüseyin ÇAKMAK, Cyprus

Ioannis GEROULIAS,Greece

Sait MUNZUR, Turkey

Saadet DEMİR YALÇIN, Turkey

Shirin GOLIPOUR, İran

Nicoletta IONESCU, Romania

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