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You are here: HomeResultsResults 22° Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda /Argentina 2017

Results 22° Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes Taborda /Argentina 2017

Results  22° Mercosur International Cartoon Contest Diógenes

Taborda /Argentina 2017


Grand Prix Diogenes Taborda 2017

Osvaldo LAINO, Argentina

Prizes Humor Gráfico

1st Prize: Osvaldo LAINO. Argentina

2nd Prize: Viktor BOGORAD. Russia

3rd Prize: Roozbeh JAFARZADEH. Iran

1st Mention: Roozbeh JAFARZADEH. Iran

2nd Mention: Miro GEORGIEVSKI, Macedonia

3rd Mention: Darko DRLJEVIC. Montenegro

Prizes Humor Digital

1st Prize: Valeri TARASENKO. Russia

2nd Prize: Esmaeil BABAEI. Iran

3 rd Prize: Lido CONTEMON. Italy

1st Mention: Moises de Macedo COUTINHO. Brazil

Prize Cartoon

1st Prize: Walter TOSCANO. Peru

2nd Prize: Max ZIEMER. Brazil

3nd Prize: Pedro SILVA. Portugal

1st Mention: Daniel DIEBOLD. Argentina

Awards Illustration

1st Prize: Ulisses ARAUJO. Brazil

2nd Prize: Erico. Brazil

3nd Prize: Cai WEIDONG. China

1st Mention: Jordan P0P-ILIEV Macedonia

Drawin Prize

1st Prize: Pawel STANCZYK. Poland

2nd Prize: Lidia KALIBATAS. Argentina

3nd Prize: Guillermo ARENA. Argentina

1st Mention: Esmaeil BABAEI. Iran

Children's Humor Award

1st Prize: Lele CORVI. Italy

2nd Prize: Walex. Bulgaria

3nd Prize: Babaei MOHAMMADREZA. Iran

1st Mention: Darío ALONZO. Argentina


Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation Award

Klaus PITTER. Austria

Trajectory Award

Valeri TARASENKO. Russia

Stimulus Award

Eder SANTOS Brazil

The Mailbox Prize

(Walter TOSCANO. Peru (Caricatura de Cortázar

Abraham Averbuch ASH.

(Nwokocha AZUKA, Nigeria (estimulo

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