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You are here: HomeResultsSelection Results of the 9th China·Jiaxing International Comic Biennale -2019

Selection Results of the 9th China·Jiaxing International Comic Biennale -2019

serial number    Authortopicprovince   Final level

1 Armen Hamonangan untitled INDONESIA   Selected

2 Darko DrljevicAir bag  Montenegro  Selected

3 Galym Boranbayevuntitled   Kazakhstan  Selected

4Ilya Katz  untitled  Selected

5 Jitet KustanaSmart City  Indonesia  Selected

6 Katz Grigori Return from the CITY... Selected

7 Konstantin Kazanchev untitled Ukraine Selected

8Mahmood Nazari untitled Iran Selected

9Mohammad Saleh Razm Hosseini  untitled Iran  Selected

10 Musa Gumus FISHERMAN Turkey  Selected

11 Nikola Listes untitled  Croatia  Selected

12 Oleg Dergachov  untitled  Canada  Selected

13 Oleg Loktyev  untitled  Ukraine  Selected

14 Raed Khalil   untitled   Syria/Belgium  Selected


16 Saeed Sadeghi  untitled  Iran  Selected

17 Seyran Caferli untitled   Azerbaijan   Selected

18Shahram Rezaei  untitled  Iran  Selected

19Tommy ThomdeanSmart Area   Indonesia  Selected

20Autumn heavy twoSun Wukong  Japan  Selected

twenty oneSoPEACE  Japan  Selected

twenty twoDai LeiGrandpa, send a red envelopeJiangsu Selected

twenty three Dai PeichengTechnology leadershipInner Mongolia Selected

twenty fourHao Yanpeng Not leaving home Harbin Selected

25Hou Xiaoqiang The door of knowledge Shandong Selected

26Hu Bingevolution Guangdong Selected

27邝飚first aid Guangzhou  Selected

28Li Xiaoyu City temperature Guangdong Selected

29Liang Zhuoyuhoneycomb Beijing Selected

30Lin Min Banana peel diary Chongqing Selected

31Full newcompanion Hebei Selected

32Song Yuyushow Guangdong Selected

33Sun Deminvariation Jilin Selected

34Tan Xiaojuna cup of ups and downs Sichuan Selected

35Wang HaiyanXinqiao  BridgeAnhui Selected

36Wang JuncaiFall out of favorInner Mongolia Selected

37Wei Shiguo"Change teeth"Harbin Selected

38Yang Shushanvitality Tianjin  Selected

39Yang Xiaobountitled  Zhejiang Selected

40Yao ShengfuGreen light is on Jiangsu  Selected

41Abbas Naaseri untitled Iran Selected

42Aeus Widodo untitled Indonesia Selected

43Aeus Widodo untitled Indonesia Selected

44Akbar Torabpour untitled Iran Selected

45Alexei TalimonovПроект молодых  москвичей 1цв England Selected

46Arsen Gevorgya nuntitled Armenia Selected

47AYTEN KÖSE untitled Turkey Selected

48BV Panduranga  Rao untitled India Selected

49Burkhard Fritsche LORELEI Koln Selected

50Burkhard Fritsche Mike Tyson at the Van Gogh Museum Koln Selected

51Constantin Paveluntitled Romanian Selected

52Constantin Paveluntitled Romanian Selected

53Darko Drljevic Smart house Montenegro Selected

54Darsono untitled Indonesia Selected

55Dinildomar das Chagas de MouraZen Master Huineng Turkey Selected

56Eray OzbekLast MeasureTurkey Selected

57Erdogan Basol untitledTurkiye Selected

58Furkat Usmanov No Title Uzbekistan Selected

59Galym Boranbayev untitled Kazakhstan Selected

60Hamed Mortazavi Alavi untitled Iran Selected

61Hosan M.Sopiqovuntitled Uzbekistan Selected

62Hosan M.Sopiqovuntitled Uzbekistan Selected

63Hosan M.Sopiqovuntitled Uzbekistan Selected

64Huseyin Cakmak untitled Cyprus Selected

65Huseyin Cakmakuntitled Cyprus  Selected

66Ilya Katz untitled Selected

67Ivaylo Georgiev Tsvetkov untitledBulgaria  Selected

68Jitet Kustanauntitled Indonesia  Selected

69Katz Grigori Dream Selected

70Kazanevsky Vladimir untitled Ukraine Selected

71Kazanevsky Vladimir untitledUkraine Selected

72Konda RaviprasadFREE SOLAR MOBILEPHONE CHARGET India Selected

73Konstantin Kazanchev untitledUkraine Selected

74Lubomir Juhas untitled Slovakia Selected

75Lubomir Juhas untitled Slovakia Selected

76Luka Lagator Smart City IIMontenegro Selected

77Luka Lagator Smart City IMontenegro Selected

78Lutfu CakinLeYlek Turkey Selected

79Makhmudjon  Eshonkulov Violence Uzbekistan Selected

80Makhmudjon Eshon kulov Mother-in-law and fiancé Uzbekistan Selected

81Manoj Chopra Smart city India Selected

82Manoj ChopraBook and child1India Selected

83Mileta Miloradovic untitled Srbija Selected

84Mirsaid Gaziyev Smart Shovel Uzbekistan Selected

85Mojmir Mihatov untitled Croatia Selected

86Mojmir  Mihatovuntitled Croatia Selected

87Musa Gumus MIGRATIONS Turkey Selected

88 Nikola Listes untitledCroatia Selected

89Nikolaos Koundouros No comments Grece Selected

90Nikolay SviridenkoAMERICAN FREEDOM FOR ALL COUNTRIES Uzbekistan Selected

91Nikolay Sviriden koMADHESS PROGRESSUzbekistanSelected

92 Oleg Loktyevuntitled  Ukraine Selected


94Resad  Sultanovicuntitled BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Selected

95Ricardo FerreiraACROSTIC  Portugal Selected

96Ricardo FerreiraCulture changes our decisions Portugal Selected

97Roberto Castillo RodríguezEl mejor amigo Cuba Selected

98Roberto Castillo Rodríguez Wanted  Cuba  Selected

99Saeed Sadeghi  untitled  Iran  Selected

100Santiago Cornejo  Freedom of polluting energles in the city  Argentina  Selected

101Santiago CornejoSmart City connected Argentina  Selected

102Semerenko VladimiruntitledRussia   Selected

103Seyit SaatciLife and Leisure Turkiye Selected

104Seyit Saatci untitled  Turkiye  Selected

105 Seyran Caferli untitled Azerbaijan Selected

106Slobodan Butir  untitled  Croatia Selected

107Slobodan Butir  untitled Croatia  Selected

108Soltan Soltanli  untitled  Azerbaijan  Selected

109Soltan Soltanli  untitled  Azerbaijan  Selected

110Soltan Soltanli  untitled Azerbaijan Selected

111Sunnerberg Constanti nuntitled Belgium Selected

112Sunnerberg Constantinuntitled  Belgium Selected

113Taeyong Kang (Thai Ginger)Smart city  Korea  Selected

114Tawee Sirithanachai3D PrintingThai  Selected

115Todorovic Bobisa ProSerbia Selected

116Vahideh Jalalat untitledIran Selected

117Valeri Alexandrov untitled  Bulgaria Selected

118Valeri Alexandrovuntitled Bulgaria Selected

119Venugopal Galisetty OUR LIFE STYLE IN NEAR FUTURE IN SMART CITY (digital version) India  Selected

120Victor Eugen Mihaiuntitled  Romania Selected

121Viktor Holubuntitled  Ukraine  Selected

122Viktor Holubuntitled  Ukraine Selected

123Yalda Hasheminezhad  untitled  Iran  Selected

124Yalda Hasheminezhad  untitled Iran Selected

125Yalda Hasheminezhaduntitled  Iran Selected

126Сергей Соколов  untitled  Russia Selected

127Autumn heavy twolittle baby  Japan  Selected

128His MajestyCarician's iron law  Japan Selected

129His MajestySmart city with smart app  Japan Selected

130佃龙二Smart Life  Japan  Selected

131Fujii RyujiFuture Japan Selected

132Fujii RyujiReborn  Japan  Selected

133Tsuchiya YokoTaoyuan knots 2019 ~ もしも が が が 2019 にタイムスリップしたら ......Japan  Selected

134Nishida ShukoAuto driving, safe driving  Japan Selected

135Nishida ShukoAI revolution  Japan Selected

136Nagano KenzoThe City the Kaiju Stood Still  Japan  Selected

137はせベくにひこCharging mobile phone  Japan  Selected

138はせベくにひこFresh air  Japan  Selected

139やの功EatingJapan  Selected

140Chen Xiaoxuslave  Henan  Selected

141Chen Xuejun untitled  Fujian  Selected

142Dai Mingxiu Underground  SOPHIA  Beijing  Selected

143Ding Jingwen  Merry Christmas  Hangzhou  Selected

144Dong Junying  Hi brush  Shanghai Selected

145Hu BaosenHelp Hebei  Selected

146Jiang Yongjie  Information disclosure  Dalian  Selected

147Qi ZuhaiThe end of dinner  Guangdong  Selected

148Li RongShared bicycle  Guangzhou Selected

149Li Runquanlink Jiangxi Selected

150Liu Xiaodong City express Shandong Selected

151Liu ZhiyongdisasterTianjin  Selected

152Long Yu"remote control car"Beijing Selected

153Pan Shunqi  Nodule consultation  Shanghai Selected

154Joeymiserable Heilongjiang  Selected

155Qiu XiaojunFamily portrait  Guangdong  Selected

156Shen TianchengYou still don't know that we are a smart city here.Shanghai  Selected

157Song ChengyongModern City  Shandong  Selected

158Sun BaoxinGate of wisdom  Shandong  Selected

159Tao KaiyuBe careful!Jiangsu Selected

160Hong WanliClay figurine  Zhejiang  Selected

161Wang ChengkuanInteresting marriage  Liaoning  Selected

162Wang YuanYoung and old Zhejiang Selected

163Wang ZhilingGreen line Guangdong Selected

164Wu XiaoluPajama boy  Beijing  Selected

165Xiao ChengsenDigital leisure  Beijing  Selected

166Xu Jin- You can take a step slower!Beijing  Selected

167Xue Yongli嗷乖Inner Mongolia  Selected

168Yan Weinest  Shaanxi  Selected

169Yang LijieMouse city  Zhejiang  Selected

170Yu ChangweiThe same is fishing for fifty pounds of fish.Shandong  Selected

171Zhang Junjie Zhang JunxiongDefeat Wang Cangping  Fujian  Selected

172Zhang ShuxinConcentrated  Liaoning  Selected

173Zhang YawenEscape for a moment  Hangzhou  Selected

174Zhao KunFog absorber Beijing  Selected

175Zhao WenxiTRIP Beijing Selected

176Zhou ZhongyingBeach cleaning robotBeijing Selected

177Zhu Shaoweiwave  Fujian Selected

178Zhu Xiaoxisteampunk era  Jiangsu Selected

179Zou QiangErlang God's new jobZhejiang Selected

180Zou QinIntelligent ageShanghai   Selected

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