Agreement of World Cartoon Museums Members/ Belgium 2012

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Agreement of World Cartoon Museums Members/ Belgium 2012


Agreement about these actions:

  • (Virtual) International Cartoon Exhibition with cartoons from all museums in all museums (website)
  • Cartoon exhibition exchange
  • The need of diversity in the cartoon museum team (background/age/…)
  • The active participation of visitors/public in the cartoon museum
  • Playful and interactive cartoon museum websites
  • How do world cartoon museums members reach a big achievement?

    - By working together, sharing ideas and exhibitions and by being all one museum, working together.

    - By bringing the collection to the people, people who can decide by themselves what they get to see in the museum

    - By making the museum a virtual museum, with every day a new curator and debates between cartoonists and the possibility to make 3Dprints, so that everyone can have an original cartoon in their own house.

    - By making it a place where children learn about cartoons

    - By allowing the world to read the only remaining newspaper, one with cartoons only

    Conclusions of Meeting

    see more news of 4th cartoon museum meeting here

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