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You are here: HomeWorld cartoon museumsGabrovo Museum/ Bulgaria

Gabrovo Museum/ Bulgaria

Gabrovo Museum
Coming into the world on April 1st , 1972, the house of humor and satire(HHS) is a proud successor to the local folklore humor and the merry carnival traditions of the town of Gabrovo – the Bulgarian humor capital. Today it is an international cultural centre that successfully combines some features of a museum and more of those of a busy art gallery. The house is a place that serves not only to perpetuate the celebrated Gabrovo anecdotes, but it is also a meeting ground of examples of contemporary humorous and satirical art from the world over.
Here we honor the joke, merry-making and carnivals, collect humor and satire in cartoons, photographs, paintings and sculpture from all four corners of the world; hold international humor events, and encourage both young and established artists to create humorous works; exhibit, promote and sell humorous art; publish albums and collections of visual and humor; offer educational programs for small and "grown-up" children; maintain lively contacts and beneficial cooperation with similar institutes in the world ; and though we hold that humor is a serious  business to do, we make earnest attempts to look at the funny side of human problems. Therefore, our motto is the world lasts because it laughs. The building of the HHS rises on the foundations of an old tannery, and houses 10 exhibition rooms of an overall area of  8,000  sq.m.
Otherwise, the humor capital of Bulgaria has already secured its future reserving an extraterrestrial piece of land-just in case. It is Gabrovo planet, a small asteroid discovered on April 1st , 1976 and named after the town that has become famous for its folklore humor and traditions.{jcomments on}

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