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Indonesia cartoon museum /Indonesia

Indonesia cartoon museum
Indonesia cartoon museum is located in Kuta, Bali. You can find more than 800 cartoons from Indonesian artists, such as GM Sidartha, Gatot Eko Cahyono , and Janggo Paramartha.
Even it has more than 800 collections; it doesn’t show them up in the same time. Regularly, each 3 months, they publish 176 pictures, so the visitor will not be bore. This rotation also attracts more visitors, at least each 3 months.
At long last cartoonists are being recognized for their art and insight into the daily happenings across the archipelago. Now, Indonesian cartoonists finally have a place to call home after the Indonesia cartoon museum was officially opened with dozens of cartoons and cartoonists featured from around the country. "We want the whole world to know that Indonesian cartoonists have great drawings, which is why we have built the museum, "senior cartoonist Pramono R Pramoedjo said. He said a strict screening mechanism was applied to exhibitions and only selected drawing would be accepted according to Dicky Christanto.
"First of all, the drawings must be fun to look at and they must show some kind of intellectual value, so that people can be amused and learn at the same time," Pramono said.
"This is the difference between cartoon drawing and usual paintings."
"Cartoon drawings offer a more intellectual side."
Pramono has worked as a cartoonist for Sinar Harapan daily newspaper for many years and he said as many as 600 cartoon drawings from various cartoonists had been collected for the museum's initial collection.
Noted cartoonists include GM Sudarta of Kompas daily and Priyanto of Tempo news magazine.{jcomments on}

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